August 18-21, 2019 Orlando, FL

Tournaments • Seminars • Receptions • Demos

Exhibits and Demos

1. Visual Technology - Virtual Reality - Video Effects - 360 Video - Video Drones

2. Social Media: Audience Intelligence, AI, Analytics and Advertising

3. Sports and Advertising - Brands, Media and Technology

4. Video Games - Sports Media - TV and Movies

5. Wearables and Sports Science - Fitness and Medicine

6. Fashion Technology - Sports and Fashion Join Forces

7. Stadium and Arena Technology - Internet - In-Arena Tech - TIcketing

8. Sports Analytics - Computer Software and Innovation

Seminar Themes and Seminars in Development

1. High Performance Clothing and Gear – A Fashion Statement - Design, Elegance and Research

2. The Super Bowl as High Performance Extravaganza – from Athletes and Media to the Venue and Consumer Experience

3. Athlete’s Roundtable: Getting Better - Faster - Stronger - The Lifestyle of Elite Performance

4. Silicon Valley and Sports - Breakthroughs in Sensors, AI, Chips, VR & Big Data

5. TV Networks Roundtable: Delivering the Ultimate Consumer Experience and the Visual Transformation of Sports - High Performance in TV Sports and Video

6. The High Performance Brand: Sports & the Standard of Excellence – A Business Beyond Advertising

7. eSports – Pro Level Competition + Consumer Frenzy = Breakout Media Sector

8. The High Performance Watch: Elite Training, Fitness and Biometric Aid

9. The Weekend Warrior - The Insatiable Appetite for Sports, Fitness & Health Technology

10. Virtual Reality and Sports Media – the Programming Revolution

11. Virtual Reality in Sports Training and Data Analysis

12. Superstars in Virtual Reality – Taking Star Power to the Next Level

13. Yoga, Meditation and Self-Actualization, The Lifestyle of High Performance

14. Food, Nutrition and Hydration in Sports Performance

15. Taking it to the Limit: The Visionary Roundtable and the Science of Sports

16. TV Analysts Roundtable: Hi Tech in the Booth – From Social Media to Statistical Analysis

17. High Performance TV, Video & Photography: Technology Transforms the Visual Experience

18. The Stadium/Arena - Producing the High Performance Experience

19. Sports Wearables: The Revolution in Peak Performance Technology

20. Video & Statistical Analysis as Pathway to High Performance

21. Winter & High Altitude Sports – High Performance in Snow, on Mountains and on Ice

22. Wired for Sports - Tracking the Athlete in Realtime - Extreme Data Analysis

23. The AR/VR Drill-Down - An Athlete’s View of the Immersive Training Experience

24. Advertiser’s Roundtable: Building Elite Brands – Sports, Personal Dedication and the Lifestyle of High Performance Athletics

25. The Investors Roundtable: Investing in Sports Innovation: Athlete  Gear - Media -  Tech

26. Live Sports Programming Technology: From Twitter Feeds to In-Venue Sports Performance Tracking

27. The Coach/Manager’s Roundtable: Technology and the Competitive Advantage: Fair or Unfair - Discussing the Ethical Limits of Sports Technology

28. State of the Art Sports Medicine: The Elite Athlete and Miracle of the Surgeon

29. Comeback from Surgery: Loneliness of the High Performance Athlete


ProAthlete Families: The Yearly Sports Family Celebration

1. A Celebration of the ProAthlete Family - From GrandParents and Siblings to the Kids

2. Great Food and Family Tournaments for the Whole Clan - Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball & Swemming

3. ProAthlete Seniors - Post Career Opportunites, Plans & Strategies

4. ProAthlete Husbands - Wives and other Family Members - Plans & Strategies

5. ProAthlete and High Performance Technology - Demos & Tech Evaluation

6. Seminars on Sports Injuries and Medicine - The Psychology of Sport

7. ProAthlete Investment and Finance - Starting Your Business

8. Professions in the Media - Wall Street - Business Opportunities

9.  Sharktank comes to ProAthlete

10. Seminars on Technology - Virtual Reality Comes to ProAthlete

Organized in Partnership with Players Associations

The Lifestyle of Sports

A Digital Hollywood Company

Peak Performance Sports

Digital Hollywood Spring, Los Angeles May 22-24, 2018, Skirball Center, Los Angeles, Calif.

ProAthlete - Best of Awards - Peak Performance Sports, June 12-13, 2019, New York City

ProAthlete - Jackson Hole Finance Retreat, July 24-26, 2019, Team & League Execs, Athletes, Agents, Venture & Private Equity Funds

ProAthlete Families, A Celebration of the Athlete, Friends & Familiy, August 18-21, 2019, Orlando Florida

ProAthlete Wellness and Medical Innovation Retreat, July 19-21, 2019, Colorado Springs, CO

Digital Hollywood Fall, October 16-18, 2018 - Skirball Center, Los Angeles, Calif.

2018 DH Events at CES, January 8-12, 2019, Las Vegas Convention & World Trade Center

Media Summit, New York - March 7-8, 2019 • New York City, The Czech Center, 73rd St., between 1st and 2nd Ave.

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Virtual Reality is Blitzing the Sports Industry - From Broadcast VR to VR in Athletic Performance